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Fun Feet - Worlds First Augmented Reality Shoe Store

A Walk into the Customer’s Shoes has helped us develop a premium product that enables the customers to have a trial walk into various shoes virtually before making informed decisions. Today, with the emerging consumer preferences, online shopping for footwear too is on the rise, and accordingly, the customer journey mapping from the global footwear brands too are changing.

 Our first product Fun Feet is a unique solution developed focusing on the customer journey in the selection of footwear. To ease the complexities of decision making for the customer to choose among the distinct set of footwear options, the solution from Monitek is superior.

AI-based app for the global footwear brands to enhance the user experience. A mobile application that can be launched by the users over their smartphones, can help them try and experience the distinct models over their foot. The design thinking approach, followed by our R&D team in designing the mobile application, has distinct features that can offer a unique experience to the customers.

Fun Feet is an AR & AI Fashion technology in field of visual graphics, 7D holographic and simulation of 3D C cad assets and visual computing to serve the needs of virtual footwear trials. Imbibing the character modeler and fashion technology, Fun Feet offers seamless quality of trails for all kind of footwear.

Product Solutions Benefits

Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is enabling better interaction quality for the businesses to their customers. Global companies are focusing on enriching customer experience techniques wherein the AR is carving its niche. Among the futuristic solutions that empower the global brands for improving the customer journey, AR holds critical importance.

AR as an innovative tool and new digital experience, supports brands with unlimited opportunities to interact in multi-dimensional engagement. The interactive visual experience from our AR solutions can help the global footwear brands carve a niche in their respective target markets. Our contemporary solution can enrich the customer experience between the brand and consumers and offers a significant solution for the organizations to add value to the customer journey at all stages.


Benefits for Footwear Brands

First mover advantage in the augmented reality space for footwear brands

AI reports that support the design teams in understanding customer preferences

Intelligence solutions that support the design, R&D and Customer preferences mapping

Ease of R&D with a design thinking approach

Ease of integrating brand designs into contemporary solution and customers can experience in real-time

Facilitates customer requirements mapping and customized orders management

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